Didnot draw today. Didnot read today.
Hence finally came the day which I feared. The day where the thinking-part kicks in.
I knew the day I wouldnt constantly engage myself in some activity, this would happen.
So now I am thinking about myself, about my future and constantly torturing myself with the live footage of worst scenarios. It’s weird how my mind is actually blank. There is a difference between i-say-it-is-blank and actually blank. ISIIB means when I tell people I haven’t thought of anything but back in my mind there is a plan and I fear people might think it is stupid so I dont confess.
But actually blank is where I myself have no clue what should be done.

And this is the worst part of the whole day. You have gone through the entire day being perfectly normal and now all you want is to sleep. But no. Your brain has different plans for you. It wants to host a kitty party of all your future plans and scenarios in your HEAD RIGHT NOW.


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