One day at a time.


So there are two ways to go about things. One is where you fret over little issues, over think and obsessively overanalyse:
1) situations that have happened in the past, wondering all the alternate ways they could have ended with. Which cannot be changed ofcourse.
2) situations that are yet to happen. 90% of which may not even occur in the first place.

So in both the situations fretting only leads to wastage of time to say the least.

The second and the more practical way to handle things is to think one day at a time. To deal with present issues. To focus on what’s happening to you right now than wonder what might happen to you in the future.

Because in both the situations the final outcome will remain the same. So it’s probably better to take the more fun way to the destination and enjoy the journey.

One day at a time.

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